Why Foam?

Throw out your traditional thinking and think innovative.

Injection molded soft foam solutions offer more aesthetic quality and tactile appeal than plastic and other hard materials. And injection molded soft foam is the perfect substitute for synthetic and natural rubber for its softness.

To put it in a nutshell (foam nutshell, of course):

      • Soft surfaces add value to every day products
      • Soft surfaces add interest to ordinary products
      • Soft surfaces solve problems like complex geometric designs

Why OUR Foam?

Our polyolefin and EVA injection molded foam parts revolutionize every product line it touches.

      • Our polyolefin and EVA molded soft foam solutions have cushioned, resilient appeal no matter what the application.
      • It will without-a-doubt improve the look of your product and offer new and totally unique design options that other material choices just don't offer.
      • Our EVA injection molded foam products are incredibly attractive...and people just love to touch them! This unique material, combined with our amazing manufacturing process, challenges you, as a product developer, to stretch way beyond your traditional thinking about "injection-molding" and consider vibrant new ideas using our PolyCell™ molded foam process.