This Process is Pretty Amazing

The MDI process combines the fantastic properties of PolyCell™ foam with a one-step molded foam manufacturing process for finished injection molded foam products direct from compound.

 PolyCell™ foam and the direct-inject process are a new way to think of injection molding and once you see it, you'll quickly realize that it offers new and different opportunities in design and development that result in a better, softer, more aesthetically pleasing molded foam product. Check out our part solutions

We'll Try and Keep It Simple

  • Direct inject pellet-to-product - molded foam manufacturing process vs. foam fabrication.
  • Integral skin. A self-skinned surface that is inherent to the molded foam manufacturing process.
  • High tolerance to match specifications in design, texture and shape.
  • Creation of complex parts - a benefit of the EVA injection molded foam manufacturing process. Because the finished part expands off the mold, draft is also an important element to the design.
  • Molded foam design includes a combination of undercuts and hollow centers can be used to securely join other materials (plastic substrates, metals, foam, etc.) to the finished foam part without adhesives or mechanical devices.
  • MDI will subcontract plastics/other materials, assemble and ship a finished part.

Are you wondering how this molded foam manufacturing process enables you to create undercuts? Contact Us and we'll walk you through the injection molded foam manufacturing process. Be prepared to unlearn all those rules you were taught about injection molding.