Injection molded foam tooling is a multi-mold process and is highly specialized. The MDI U.S. and Asia teams will handle all the details, as well as the designing of all molds, giving you the confidence you need to experience this fantastic process.

  • The recommended mold configuration for injection molded foam tooling depends on the size and complexity of the part, anticipated production volumes, and molding process requirements.
  • The number of cavities in the mold is also determined by the size and complexity of the part.
  • Productivity and cost of manufacturing is directly related to the number of cavities in the mold as well as the number of molds used in production.
  • Every new part is a unique challenge for injection molded foam tooling with the endless combination of variables related to part function and production requirements.
  • There is no rapid prototyping for this process. The initial step is to create the first production mold. This allows validation of the part design and function.
  • Additional production molds are completed once the design is validated.
Give us your 3-D file; we'll produce the injection molded foam tooling to turn your part into reality!