When a designer specifies foam for a product or component, it’s because no other material can duplicate the required characteristics.  However, most product designers and developers do not have time to become an injection molded foam expert.

The purpose of this Project Development Guide is to provide a better understanding to the designer or customer of the considerations involved in bringing a new design to life.

The following is an example of what steps are generally required to bring your project to the manufacturing stage.

  1. Customer submits a 3D file of the foam part in the .IGS file format to MDI Products
  2. MDI will review the feasibility of the initial part design for production and molding issues and give recommendations for any changes needed to make the part more efficient in the molding process
  3. Ballpark part price and tooling costs are quoted
  4. Customer makes any design revisions as needed
  5. Formal part and tooling quote are submitted to the customer
  6. Purchase Order for Tooling and Sampling received from customer
  7. 1st mold is made and sample parts are provided to customer
  8. Customer evaluation and approval of parts
  9. Customer issues PO for full production tooling
  10. Production molds are completed
  11. Production begins


 Let us know all of your critical factors ASAP!  Things to be considered: Weight, Dimensions, High Temperature Exposure, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Considerations, Price, Compression Set, Etc.