New Ideas.

MDI is a flexible foam company and, along with our Asia foam manufacturing teams in China, MDI is an innovator in manufacturing injection molded soft and flexible foam products.

Our extensive product development and research experience allows us to work effectively with industrial designers and product engineers, making certain that you capitalize on the best features and benefits of our material and process.

New Materials.

Our products are produced from our proprietary PolyCell™ formulation. The result is very sexy, flexible foam products with exciting benefits unique to our molded foam manufacturing process. We're your flexible foam company.

New Solutions.

As your flexible foam company, our product design professionals will steer you toward a new and powerful solution as an alternative for your existing product, or to a bold new product ready for production. MDI's experience provides guidance on everything from design to tooling to material formulation to exciting textures and more. Our products are the wave of the future, appealing to every generation and generations to come.

Case in Point. Have you seen the Crocs-wearing toddlers pushed in their strollers by their Crocs-wearing parents? Point made!

Will PolyCell™ Work in Traditional Injection Molding Equipment?

Can PolyCell™ formulations be used with traditional injection molding equipment such as compression molding? No, we’re sorry it can’t. Our material can only be processed in our special equipment designed for this foam injection molding manufacturing process.