Watch our demo.

Our Polyolefin and EVA closed cell foam injection molding demo gives you a first look at what happens during the process. Here's how we can get started:

  • Show us your 3-D file. We will review it from all levels of design and production to make sure we maximize all parts of the process. Our Polyolefin and EVA closed cell foam process is applied specifically to your specifications.
  • We'll show you our ideas. Our experience with undercuts, hollow areas, living hinges, molded connectors - even molding two parts to fit together - allows us to provide high level support to your team to make sure we achieve the result your design intends.
  • We work together to make the best product possible. We consult with your team and educate you along the way to all the unique elements of production using Polyolefin and/or EVA closed cell foam. You can't help but be excited by the possibilities.

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  We'll show you how PolyCell™ Polyolefin and EVA closed cell foam is the perfect choice for your next soft solution. See for yourself. And then we'll have bragging rights to your product!