MDI Products is an Injection Molded Foam Manufacturer of Closed-Cell, Chemically-Resistant, Soft Foam Products.

As an injection molded foam manufacturer, using PolycellTM ,a  compendium of proprietary polyolefin and EVA foam formulations and additives to meet specific customer requirements. MDI Products gives industrial designers and product developers an innovative soft foam parts solution you won't find with any other foam process. Unlike the limitations of sheet foam, MDI Products' proven injection molded foam manufacturing process utilizes our proprietary molds to turn your ideas into injection molded foam products and soft foam component parts.

We produce your small to medium sized 3D injection molded foam products that are closed cell, integral or self-skinned, from material that is an extremely durable cross linked injection molded EVA/Polyethylene. It is also resistant to most chemicals. As a unique injection molded foam manufacturer, with factories in China, our process can create parts that are better cushioned, more aesthetically pleasing, and enhanced with unique features and detail.