MDI's approach to manufacturing foam is different from others you may have worked with. First of all, our process is:

  • Unlike compression molded foam. The injection molded process allows for greater detail and enhanced durability. The injection molded process produces and expansion molded foam that by the very nature of the process is lighter than its counterpart produced by compression molding, which is much lower in productivity and wasteful.
  • Unlike polyurethane foam. EVA and polyolefin foams are closed-cell, self-skinning and are resistant to most chemicals.

With MDI, Manufacturing Foam Becomes a Whole New Ballgame

Our cross-linked injection molded EVA foam is the perfect ongoing resource for you. And, manufacturing foam led us quite naturally to build on a product development and R&D strategy with constant development of new compound formulations, state of the art mold designs, and process improvements. In our process, our material selection, texture, color matching and approach to design are a total collaboration with you to find that perfect balance between aesthetic and utilitarian design and price.

And another big difference between MDI and other companies that manufacture foam? We just don't stop until we've found the exact right solution for you. Annoying, perhaps, but you'll thank us when you have your fabulous new injection molded foam product!

Spend just 15 minutes and get some information today that will certainly change the way you look at your product development strategy for years to come...we're that confident! Once you decide that our product development, material and philosophy offer you all the benefits you require for your product, give us your 3D file and we will provide the feedback needed to make your product a reality with our foam injection molding process. Then we quote both your part and the tooling needed to mold it. In just four to six weeks, we'll deliver your first sample and then guide you through this process towards an amazing product development and manufacturing foam success.