All PolyCell™ formulas are made of durable foam that has extremely high tear and tensile strength. It is one of the main benefits of foam created with the injection molded foam process. It translates into being the perfect material for all applications where your product meets a tough environment.

Because the formulas are specially designed with branched saturated linear polyethylene, which is used as the key component of our formulas, the strength of our durable foam will meet your tests. Our foams can be made to match or surpass the tensile strength, tear strength, as well as abrasion resistance, of polyurethane (open cell) or most other types of closed cell foams.

Definition of Tear Strength
A material’s resistance to being pulled a part, measured as the maximum tension the material can withstand without tearing.

  Typical Tear Strength Results: 62 – 84 lbs./in (11 kg/cm – 15 kg/cm) 

Definition of Tensile Strength
The maximum load a material can support and still return to its original size and shape when the load is removed.

  Typical Tensile Strength Results: 309 – 424 psi (21.72 – 29.81 kg/ cm2