Learn How To Design Your 3-D Product or Injection Molded Foam

Designing your 3-D product for the PolycellTM Injection Molded Foam process is different than anything you've ever done before. This guideline will give you an understanding of the material and technical considerations involved when you're designing and manufacturing foam parts for this unique process.

The guidelines will...

  • help you understand the process from start to finish
  • explain the concept of self-ejection
  • describe the importance of draft and radius
  • teach you how to design corners & edges that will self-eject
  • help you learn how to make extreme undercuts, not available in any other process
  • show you how you can achieve amazing texture & logos
  • show you how to control costs better while improving the performance of your product

When you review these guidelines, you will begin to understand the multiple benefits of the PolycellTM material and process. You'll be well on way to designing unique products that will stand out in your industry.