Boy, did we just ever meet the challenges with the following custom molded foam products...and we can do the same for your products, too!

Spa Pillowfoam-undercut

  • New Custom Molded Foam Material Eliminated Customer Service Issue
  • Geometry Recreated More Attractively
  • Revised Fastening System - Now a Custom Molded Foam Function
Carseat Armrestevenflo-armrest
  • Solved Design Challenge
  • Mandrel Design for Locking System
  • No Glue or Mechanical Fasteners
  • Enhanced Sales in Category
  • Stirred Competitive Marketplace
  • Download a complete case study.
Soft Foam Toilet Seatfoam-toilet-seat
  • Allowed top household bathroom brand to compete in category with a high quality custom molded foam product
  • Undercut design solved secure-fit issue on custom designed plastic ring for a one-unit effect
  • Custom molded foam removed easily for complete cleaning and sanitizing
  • Material held up to all household cleaners


Foam Back Pack Paddingbackpack-foam-padding

  • Solved desire for required comfort-added custom molded foam to also be attractive and add value to the product
  • foam-backpack-paddkingAdd ergonomic convex lumbar support
  • Add bright colors to enhance marketability
  • Highest reviews from the marketplace 

foam-camera-caseFoam Camera Case

  • camera-case-foamProduce a digital camera case  completely out of custom molded foam, including the living hinge
  • Colorful with clear molded branding
  • Ability to attach strapping
  • As watertight as possible


foam-window-gasketFoam Window Gasket

  • Create watertight window gasket solution
  • Ability to seal a complicated extrusion
  • window-gasket-foamEasy to assemble during manufacturing
  • Durable custom molded foam